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Larissa's Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was and had been many things: archaeologist, design coordinator, volunteer coordinator, online auction consignment specialist, academic, blogger, podcaster, artist, vintage reseller.

She loved to read, write, make jewelry, crochet, watch birds, travel, and watch cheesy classic horror flicks. Her favorite thing of all was spending time with her amazing family – her soulmate of 20 years (married in 2015), Vickie; their two zany dogs, Cosmo Kramer and Ruthie Bader Ginsburg; and their three rotten cats, Jake Ryan, Samantha Baker, and Miss Idgie Threadgoode.

There was one more thing the girl enjoyed; something she did very well. She edited and proofread like nobody’s business. Like it was going out of style. Like she was born to edit. Like a BOSS.

That studious, history-digging, coordinating and consigning, artistic podcasting blogger in love with editing is me.

As both a blogger and former academic, I recognize that there is more than one way to write (and write well). I understand the importance of presenting well-written works that demonstrate a solid grasp of the subject matter, whether in a formal (academic, business) or casual (blog, fiction) manner.

Why Am I the Right Copyeditor for Your Writing Project?

  • I am skilled in both formal and informal writing styles.
  • I have a strong command of English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling.
  • I am versed in Chicago/Turabian, APA, and MLA styles, and have ready access to others.
  • I am thorough.  The smallest details can often make the biggest impressions.  Attention to detail is important to me.
  • My creativity allows me to think outside the box when needed, while my academic background allows me to excel at writing and editing formal academic, business, and technical papers.

My Approach To Copyediting

In a nutshell–if you wrote it, I can edit it. My approach to copyediting is straightforward: I believe that every piece of writing deserves equal attention to detail.  For this reason, I don’t offer a “tiered” services structure that some other copyediting services do.

To me, copyediting is copyediting.  You won’t find differently-priced “light,” “moderate,” and “heavy” editing options here.  When you entrust your writing project to me, rest assured that it will receive the same thorough treatment no matter the amount of editing required.

Vickie's Story

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Vickie Velasquez