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Vickie's Story

Once upon a time, there was a woman with a LOT of different interests. She was a musician, having majored in Music and Marketing at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). In the 90s, she was strumming along as the guitarist for the first all-female Tejana band signed to BMG Latin.

She dabbled in the music publishing industry before making a leap into the financial industry, where she honed her skills as an operations manager, project coordinator, and business analyst. For a good 15 years she trained and managed a team of business analysts and project managers located across the US. 

Earning her MBA while working full time led her to another passion: productivity. After falling in love with all things productivity, she became a productivity coach and continues to revel in anything that screams efficiency and optimal utilization of resources.

Vickie Velasquez

 Her thirst for knowledge and professional growth never ceased. She became an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), gained certification in Google Digital Marketing, and embraced the world of copywriting.

Merging her love for music, productivity, and digital marketing, she hosted and produced a podcast for a decade (so far). But there were other loves, too. Strumming her guitar and writing, watching, and dissecting horror fiction were her pastime passions. Virtual reality paintball, anyone? She was game for that, too.

Above all, her favorite thing was being with her incredible family–her soulmate of 20 years (wedded in 2015), Larissa; their two zany dogs, Cosmo Kramer and Ruthie Bader Ginsburg; and their three mischievous cats, Jake Ryan, Samantha Baker, and Miss Idgie Threadgoode.

There was one thing she did exceptionally well, with a skill that was a marvel to behold. She wrote copy, weaving words together to craft compelling stories and messages. 

That musician turned financial guru, productivity coach turned digital marketing geek, podcaster in love with copywriting, is me, Vickie.

Why Am I The Right Copywriter For You?

As a copywriter with a rich and varied background, I understand that writing is an art with many styles and forms. It doesn’t matter if it’s a catchy ad slogan, an academic paper, or a gripping horror story, I know the power of words and I use them wisely. 

I’m here to help you find the right words in the right way at the right time, because as a creative copywriter I know that words matter.

My Approach To Copywriting

At the heart of my copywriting approach is a core principle: capturing the essence of your voice. I believe that crafting authentic copy isn’t just about writing clear, compelling content—it’s about capturing your unique voice, your brand’s spirit, your distinct value proposition.

When I work with you, the first thing I do is immerse myself in your world. I listen. I observe. I study. I delve deep into understanding not just your business but also your philosophy, your style, your dreams. I aim to discover the subtle nuances, the cadence, the rhythm, the vocabulary that makes you YOU.

It’s an intensive process, much like that of a method actor preparing for a role. I steep myself in your voice until it becomes second nature, because the goal isn’t just to write for you, it’s to write as you. The copy I produce isn’t just words on a page, but rather an extension of your personality and the embodiment of your brand.

Once I’ve absorbed your voice, the creative process begins. Drawing on my broad background and diverse skills, I’ll craft unique, compelling copy tailored to your specific needs and audience. Every word is chosen with care to reflect your brand, your values, and your unique selling proposition.

Whether it’s a short ad copy, a blog post, an email, a social media post, or an in-depth whitepaper, my objective is the same: to create content that resonates with your audience; content that persuades, inspires, and drives action.

This process doesn’t make me just a copywriter—it makes me a voice whisperer. I don’t simply mimic or reproduce your voice. I seek to amplify it, making it more compelling and more engaging while staying true to its essence.

In the end, when your audience reads my copy they won’t hear me. They’ll hear you, in high-definition clarity, with all the passion and authenticity that you bring to your work. Because the most powerful voice in your content should always be yours.

Larissa Galenes First to Final Copyediting http://www.firsttofinalcopyediting.com

Larissa's Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was and had been many things: archaeologist, design coordinator, volunteer coordinator, online auction consignment specialist, academic, blogger, podcaster, artist, vintage reseller.

She loved to read, write, make jewelry, crochet, watch birds, travel, and watch cheesy classic horror flicks. Her favorite thing of all was spending time with her amazing family – her soulmate of 20 years (married in 2015), Vickie; their two zany dogs, Cosmo Kramer and Ruthie Bader Ginsburg; and their three rotten cats, Jake Ryan, Samantha Baker, and Miss Idgie Threadgoode.

There was one more thing the girl enjoyed; something she did very well. She edited and proofread like nobody’s business. Like it was going out of style. Like she was born to edit. Like a BOSS.

That studious, history-digging, coordinating and consigning, artistic podcasting blogger in love with editing is me.

As both a blogger and former academic, I recognize that there is more than one way to write (and write well). I understand the importance of presenting well-written works that demonstrate a solid grasp of the subject matter, whether in a formal (academic, business) or casual (blog, fiction) manner.

Why Am I the Right Copyeditor for You?

My approach to copyediting is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the art of writing. I am equally adept at both formal and informal writing styles, having honed my skills across a diverse range of literary endeavors.

At the core of my expertise is a robust command of English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. I understand that the strength of any written content is not just in messaging but also in precision and clarity. As a copyeditor, my goal is to polish and refine your words to perfection, ensuring that every sentence is not just grammatically accurate but also sharp, clear, and compelling.

I am fluent in several editing and citation styles including Chicago/Turabian, APA, and MLA. This wide-ranging expertise allows me to cater to diverse writing requirements with agility and precision. No matter the writing style you need, rest assured, I have the necessary tools at my disposal.

Thoroughness is my second nature. I am a firm believer in the power of detail–the smallest elements often have the biggest impact. My eagle eye for detail ensures that no aspect, however minute, escapes my scrutiny. I’ll meticulously sift through your content, fine-tuning and finessing every word, punctuation mark, and sentence structure.

Last (but by no means least!) is my creativity. While my academic background equips me excellently for formal academic, business, and technical writing, it’s my creativity that allows me to think outside the box when needed. I use my creative prowess to enhance the flow, rhythm, and engagement power of your content, breathing life into words in a way that will excite and captivate your audience.

In essence, as your copyeditor I’ll bring a unique blend of rigor, versatility, attention to detail, and creativity. I’m not just editing your work; I’m elevating it, ensuring that it is the best version of itself. Because in the realm of writing, good isn’t good enough–-it has to be exemplary.

My Approach To Copyediting

In a nutshell–if you wrote it, I can edit it. My approach to copyediting is straightforward: I believe that every piece of writing deserves equal attention to detail.  For this reason, I don’t offer a “tiered” services structure that some other copyediting services do.

To me, copyediting is copyediting.  You won’t find differently priced “light,” “moderate,” and “heavy” editing options here.  When you entrust your writing project to me, rest assured that it will receive the same thorough treatment no matter the amount of editing required.